I don’t use Photoshop in my Body painting

You would think that someone who owns two computer stores, teaches digital art and even sells drawing tablets would use Photoshop any chance he gets. For some things yes… body painting no! I do not use Photoshop in my body painting

For me, fine art body painting is about getting away from the digital world for just a moment. For me, it’s about moving that brush, working with a canvas or model and being in the moment. Sure I can easily create digital art with ChatGPT or Photoshop but it’s missing something. This is why I only use Photoshop for cropping and extremely minor corrections.

I actually take it as a personal compliment when someone says that I use Photoshop in my body painting, but I don’t 🙂

I do plan to use Photoshop for a few projects. Digital photography has drastically changed since my first few paintings. One of the first paintings was taken on a 1.2-megapixel camera. This means that anything larger than an A5 totally pixelates my work. My hope is that with the new AI tech, there are ways to increase the size of my early work so we can make prints.

Painting George Hrab for the body painting Posiden. I do not use photoshop in my body painting