Starting over and finding my muse

It’s been years since I have done any serious body painting. Mostly because moving to Australia has been an exercise in keeping a roof over our heads. Maintaining an art studio is the least of your concerns when you have to find a new place to rent every year or so. I needed to find my muse again.

in the last 12 years of living in NSW, we have moved 8 times. This makes it very hard to set up any kind of fine art body painting studio. Only recently have we had any kind of permanent living space. Our income.

Visiting an art gallery after work got my muse back!

During COVID I was made redundant at the computer shop I was working at. What they did not know is the redundancy made the non-competition clause of my contract null and void. This allowed me to open a Mac computer and phone repair shop in Lithgow what I was not expecting was this shop to be so successful. Just a year after opening up our shop on Main Street we took over the other computer store next door (we are good friends of previous owner) so now we own MacMason and Lithgow Tech services.

Running both shops has been a full time job. ….fast forward a month to last Saturday.

Me painting at the Smith gallery in Sacramento, today I remember that painting and found my muse.

So with the decision to turn the old shop into a training centre, my wife and I spent almost all Saturday getting the shop ready for the Christmas shopping season. For Lunch we decided to go to the Gang Gang gallery to see their latest showing.

So here I am enjoying the art and a little bit of wine when my wife introduces me to a local photographer. I have pa personal rule to not talk about my own work at someone else’s gallery showing, however Marci disagrees with this rule and started talking about my art.

Next thing I know I am trying to find 15 year old art images on my phone to show the other artist. We talk about a potential collaboration. Here is where my muse kicks in. Marci mentions that the old shop is not using as much space anymore since we moved all the retail products in to Lithgow tech showroom! And we discus setting up space where I can paint.

Since then I have been thinking of all kinds of new body painting projects that I can do after hours, thus this new updated website.

So now phone repairs, training classes and customs gaming computers during the day and fine art body painting at night.

I plan to blog about my creative process and chalanges along the way. I was not expecting to find my muse at The Gang Garn art Gallery but here we are!