Kevin’s Other Projects

Before you think that all I am is a body painting artist, I have ADHD and tend to bounce around between projects. Here you are going to find a few of my other websites and projects.

MacMason Training and Repairs

The idea that you are either technically minded or creative is false. My Phone and Mac repair business is proof of that. I used to work for Apple in California as a software specialist.

Lithgow Tech Services

While I do not know much about windows repairs or building custom gaming computers I am learning. However what I lack in knowledge about windows computers I do have 25 years working in retail and computer repairs under my belt.

Jackmonkey Games

If you can’t tell by my artwork I do have a theme. Geek. So I have also written a few RPG games. Jackmonkey Games is a combination of my games and short stories from some other amazing writers.

Check our Fiction Friday … a new short story by the Fiction fairy every Friday.

Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast

Joire the season two villain of star-fall actual play podcast.

I started in podcasting back in the day when you could only listen to them on iPods. YES I AM OLD. Star-Fall is a collective story that I have been working on for decades … but made into an audio drama podcast.